Jay Pattisall

Principal Analyst serving CMO professionals da Forrester

Jay is Forrester’s expert on creative, media, marketing, and in-house agencies, helping CMOs
and business leaders make sense of the complex and ever-changing services landscape
surrounding advertising, marketing, and consumer engagement. Jay’s research explores the
future of the agency sector, in-housing, media, and creativity. His strategies for agency
innovation and models for management enable CMOs and business leaders to develop more
valuable relationships with their agencies and enable agencies to drive more value for their
partners and clients.

Previous Work Experience

Jay draws from 20 years of experience in advertising and digital marketing, creating marketing
and advertising for large global and national brands. Jay’s expertise includes brand,
communication and digital strategy, client engagement, and agency management. Prior to
joining Forrester, Jay was vice president group director for DigitasLBi; director of strategy for
Anthem Worldwide; and strategy director for Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners. He led strategy for
brands such as General Motors, Goodyear Tire, Lenovo, A/B InBev, RadioShack, and MINI USA.
Jay also has extensive experience in qualitative and quantitative market research.


Jay earned a Bachelor of Arts from Randolph-Macon College and a Master of Science in mass
communication from Virginia Commonwealth University.

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